Documentary filmmaker Sara Lamm discovered as an adult that she was conceived via sperm donor. She’s spent years looking for her biological father—chasing non-existent medical records, trolling the archives of the doctor who ran the fertility clinic, and tracking down class photographs from the medical school; it’s been eleven years since she learned the truth and she doesn’t have many leads.


Sara joins an online registry for donor conceived people and meets Jennifer, who was conceived at the same clinic, in the same year. The two women discover a number of similarities (height, seasonal allergies, a penchant for psychics), and decide to take a DNA test to see if they’re half-sisters. When they meet in Hawaii to determine the results, Sara brings her camera and for nearly two years after, documents their shared hunt for information.


Jennifer spends hours every day on the computer, toggling between DNA and ancestry databases, while Sara seeks out the edges of her family story--traveling up the coast of California to visit her non-biological, bird-watching father and across the country to her home state of North Carolina—where she makes a personal request of an elderly aunt, visits her mother’s graveside, and asks her mother’s longtime boyfriend what he knew about the donor.


THANK YOU FOR COMING makes unexpected connections between the wild roots of a banyan tree, the lonesome shadow of a kite, and the comedic potential of a turkey baster. It's both a genealogical detective story and a funny, poetic meditation on love, loss, friendship, and family.