exclusive clip for 23andMe genetics clubs

Thank You For Coming is a documentary about nature, nurture, and one woman's desire to connect with her roots. This 85-minute feature documentary premiered at the LA Film Festival and has screened across the country. It will be broadcasting nationally on PBS next year.


Watch an extended preview clip of THANK YOU FOR COMING below and reach out to us should you wish to access the full feature for your club and participate in a virtual Q&A with director Sara Lamm! Below the clip, you’ll find discussion questions you can use to engage your club in discussion. Enjoy!

Discussion questions

1. In the film, Sara asks, “What makes someone family?” How do you define family?

2. Project yourself 100 years into the future—what might donor conception look like then? What might DNA testing look like? How does this make you feel? If you feel excited or optimistic, why? If you feel anxious, what is it that you are concerned about? Are there things we could/should be doing now to prevent what concerns you? What would the first steps be?

3. Do you think that it’s a donors right to remain anonymous? Or a child’s right to know their biological origins? Are these in conflict with one another?

4. Do you think about your genetic origins? Are the stories of your ancestors and more recent family members important to you? Why or why not? Is an ancestor still an ancestor if they are not related biologically?

5. Are you left thinking about anything in your own community/family life? Do you know anyone who can relate to any aspect of Sara’s story?

Want to bring the film to your campus?

Reach out to producer Keith Ochwat at keith@thankyouforcomingmovie.com