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Hi! I’m so happy to have you here…  

Since the premiere of Thank You for Coming, I’ve been lucky to connect with other donor conceived folks and their families, people whose lives have been touched by adoption, mental health professionals, and professional genealogists. I’ve met “Search Angels,” egg donors, sperm donors, DNA detectives, distant cousins, and people making and re-making their definition of family—all of them have generously shared with me their knowledge, friendship, and personal histories. 

What I’ve discovered is that there are a lot of us out there…people looking for lost relatives, trying to make sense of old and new family stories…this film is for all of us. And in the spirit of all the kindnesses I have received since beginning this project, I offer the film to you here, to watch for free! 

And if you enjoy the film, I do hope you’ll leave me a tip. If you contribute to the Sara Lamm Tip Jar, I’ll not only be grateful, but I’ll be able to keep making independent films. Funding is nearly non-existent for personal films like this, and distribution channels of yore are drying up…I won’t bore you with the sad details…but I will tell you the happy news that Tip Jar donations unlock TYFC bonus content.  Enjoy!


If you enjoyed the film, leave Sara a tip!